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Membership Policies & Instructions

Details & Conditions

Account Activation

Your account will be active once you sign up through Farmigo. You will choose your pick up time and location, select your regular weekly order, provide us with contact information, and select your payment type. We must receive your sign-up and payment in order for your account to be activated. If you need help with the sign-up process, please scroll down to the Farmigo Instructions.


Home Delivery Member Responsibilities

Choosing home delivery means that you agree to provide a delivery space that is safe from pests and inclement weather. A cooler or bin labeled “Bard” on your front steps works best. If you do not have a private residence or are otherwise lacking a ‘front step’ please get in touch and we can troubleshoot a solution that works for everyone.

Pick-Up Site Member Responsibilities

Your order will be in a bag labeled with your name. All orders must be picked up by the time your pick-up site closes. Any items not picked up by the time your pick up site closes will be donated. 



When you sign up to be a member you will choose between cash, check, Venmo or online credit card payment. Cash/check payments can be delivered to the dropbox behind the bakery at 113 S. Main St. Venmo payments can be sent to @bard_bread. Credit card payments can be made during the sign-up process or in your member account. 


Whichever your payment choice, once received, we will send you confirmation of your account activation. Each week, your account balance will be debited the value of items delivered/ordered by the morning after your delivery/pick-up day. We will notify you when your account balance is below $10 and leave it in your hands to add additional money to your account. Your account balance and transaction history is visible to you on your member homepage.



If we screw up your order let us know. We’ll make it right or refund your member account.


Temporary or Permanent Hold

You can schedule up to three temporary holds at a time or put your account on a permanent hold. Simply go to your member homepage and click the DELIVERY HOLD tab.


Additional Fees

Delivery: We have a $1.00 fee for home deliveries. Delivery fees are waived for deliveries of $26+ in value.

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Sign Up Instructions & Helpful Tips​​

Account Activation

To sign up, start on our FARMIGO SIGN UP page.


Select your preferred pick up time and location. If you live in Viroqua and are interested in having your bread delivered to your home, check the bike delivery map to make sure you are within our delivery zone and to see which day we can deliver to you.


Choose your schedule for the type(s) of bread you would like. WEEKLY means that you will get this type of bread in the chosen quantity every week. BIWEEKLY - A means you will get this type of bread in the chosen quantity every other week. BIWEEKLY - B means you will get this type of bread in the chosen quantity on the alternating weeks. Once you have chosen your schedule(s) you will see in the column on the right the date of your first pick up/delivery.

*** We must receive your payment by noon two days before this date to include your bread in the bake.


Choose options. You can add up to 2 dozen eggs to your order each week (or every other week). Choose the SLICED BREAD option if you would like your bread sliced regularly. If your order includes more than one type of bread and you only want one sliced, you can include these instructions on the payment page.


If you are paying online with a credit card, you will be charged the amount that you choose here. If you are paying in cash, check, or Venmo, you can pay any amount that you choose. As long as there is money in your account, we will bake your bread.


Please enter all of your contact info. Make sure to remember your password, as this is what you will use to log in in the future to check your balance, change your order, or put a hold on your account. You can also add an additional contact person if you would like someone else to receive email updates and alerts.

6. PAY

Choose your payment type. Venmo payments can be made to @bard_bread. Cash/check can be dropped in the locked dropbox behind the bakery at 113 S. Main St. We must receive your payment in order to bake your bread. This is also where you can add information about your home delivery site and specify if you only want a specific type of bread sliced.

View your account: When you have signed up, a drop down menu will appear in the upper right corner with your first name in it. Click this, and then "ACCOUNT" to go to your member homepage. You can also access your member homepage here.


To view your balance go to your member homepage. To add money to your account, you can drop of cash or check in our dropbox behind the bakery, make a Venmo payment to @bard_bread, or pay online by clicking MANAGE PAYMENTS.

Temporary or Permanent Hold

To schedule a temporary hold or place your account on a permanent hold, go to your member homepage, then click the DELIVERY HOLD tab. You can enter up to three scheduled holds by choosing a start and end date that you do NOT want to receive bread.

Sign Up Walk Through

Member Account Walk Through