Bard Bread Membership

The Run Down

  • Choose a delivery/pickup method

    • Home delivery by bike or bakery pick-up

  • Choose a weekly standard order

    • Type of loaf and quantity desired

  • Upload money to your account

    • This reduces the number of transaction fees incurred which keeps more money in the bakery for us to use responsibly. 

  • Receive exclusive member pricing among other benefits.​

Details & Conditions

Account Activation

When you fill out this form you’ll initiate your bread member account. Your account will not be considered ‘Active’ until your first payment is received. Your delivery cycle will begin the week following (or maybe the week of depending on when it is received) your account activation. 


Home Delivery Member Responsibilities

Choosing home delivery means that you agree to provide a delivery space that is safe from pests and inclement weather. A cooler or bin labeled “Bard” on your front steps works best. If you do not have a private residence or are otherwise lacking a ‘front step’ please get in touch and we can troubleshoot a solution that works for everyone. 

Pick-Up Site Member Responsibilities

Your order will be in a bag labeled with your name. All orders must be picked up by the time your pick-up site closes. Any items not picked up by the time your pick up site closes will be donated. Reference the ‘Standard Order’ details on your account page to find out more about the pick up site you have chosen.



When you sign up to be a member you will choose between cash/check or online payment. Cash/check payments can be delivered to the dropbox behind the bakery. Online payments can be made right from our subscription page on the website. These balance numbers are based off of our highest loaf price and roughly account for 4 loaves (1 month), 8 loaves (2 months), and 16 loaves (4 months) of bread.


Whichever your payment choice, once received, we will send you confirmation of your account activation ASAP. Each week, your account balance will be debited the value of items delivered/ordered and updated each Monday by 10 P.M. We will notify you when your account balance is nearly empty and leave it in your hands to add additional money to your account. Your account balance and transaction history will be visible to you via your personal Google Sheet that we will send you once your account is ‘Activated’.



If we screw up your order let us know. We’ll make it right or refund your member account. 


Cancel Subscription

Contact us at to cancel your subscription after your last wanted delivery. We will refund any money remaining in your account. We require one week's notice of your upcoming delivery.


Additional Fees

Delivery: We have a $1.00 fee for home deliveries. Delivery fees are waived for deliveries of $26+ in value.

Step 1: Sign-Up


Bread ingredient information is available here.

Step 2: Submit Payment


Your sign-up is not complete until you have submitted a payment. Cash/check payments (preferred by the bakery) can be delivered to the drop box behind the bakery. Checks can be made out to "Bard LLC" or "Bard Bread". Online payments can be made by clicking the buttons below. These balance numbers are based off of our highest loaf price and roughly account for 4 loaves (1 month), 8 loaves (2 months), and 16 loaves (4 months) of bread.

Thank you for becoming a Bard Bread Member!

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