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Bard Bread Membership


The Run Down

Save time and money while supporting the bakery with a standing weekly order!

  • Choose a delivery/pickup method

    • Home delivery by bike or bakery pick-up

  • Choose a weekly standard order

    • Type of loaf and quantity desired

    • This can be changed or paused at any time

  • Upload money to your account

    • Cash, Venmo, check, or credit card accepted

    • This reduces the number of transaction fees incurred which keeps more money in the bakery for us to use responsibly. 

  • Receive sweet member deals

    • You'll have access to bread, pastries, and other items from the farmers and producers that we source from at exclusive member prices.

Photo by Jae Arnold

How To Sign Up

  • Start here: MEMBER SIGN UP 

  • Choose your PICK UP SITE. You can choose from home bike delivery (Thu/Fri) or pick up at Magpie Gelato (Thu/Fri/Sat).

  • Choose your SHARE. This can be edited and paused at any time.

  • Choose your OPTIONS. Optional egg add-on and sliced bread option. If your order includes more than one type of bread and you only want one sliced, you can include these instructions on the payment page.

  • Choose your TERMS, which is simply the amount of money you plan to upload to your account when it is empty. You do not need to make an online payment in order to set up your account.

  • Enter your CONTACT INFO. Make sure to remember your password, as this is what you will use to log in in the future to check your balance, change your order, or put a hold on your account.

  • PAYMENT: Currently accepting cash/check to the dropbox behind the bakery or Venmo (@bard_bread). Online credit card payment coming soon!

  • View your account: When you have signed up, a drop down menu will appear in the upper right corner with your first name in it. Click this, and then "ACCOUNT" to go to your member homepage. You can also always access your member homepage here.


Check out our membership policies and helpful instructions, including videos to walk you through the sign-up process.


If you still have questions, please send us a message at thebardbread@gmail.com or call/text the bakery at 608-373-1748. We are happy to help you become a Bard Bread member. Thank you!