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Closing May 2021

Photo by Jae Arnold

Dear Bard Community,


We are writing to inform you that, after much discussion, we are deciding to end the Bard Bread & Pastry project. While this may be shocking, surprising, frustrating, or saddening, know that we do not make this decision lightly. Over the last almost year, starting in July 2020, we have occupied the back kitchen space of Magpie Gelato and put everything we’ve had into bringing this business to life. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and it would not have been close to possible without the love, encouragement, and support of our community--you! For this we thank you. 


It is difficult to concisely sum up our reasons for coming to this decision because it is really a culmination of everything. However, for the sake of writing a succinct letter we can sum up our decision to close into the following category: Health of mind and body. Throughout the process of ‘birthing’ Bard we have sacrificed much of our minds and bodies with the hopes that we could find a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, the business was modeled in part on this- low to no pay, work hard, find stable ground. Unfortunately, we have realized that we (I - Matt) do not have the constitution for this bootstrap mentality. My mental health has digressed to a point that I can no longer justify putting the bakery ahead of my own needs. 


Financially our business is doing OK. We are gaining momentum and popularity, continually working to make things better and while we aren’t paying ourselves we think that if we pushed on through summer - the busy season - we could be on pretty solid financial footing. We mention this just to clarify that this isn’t a bankruptcy or a collapse of the business due to financial stress. Of course this does play a part in the bigger picture. 


So, what is our timeline? Our food license expires at the end of June which is also our 1 year anniversary of occupying the Magpie Kitchen. Our goal is to operate business as usual until May 30th. After which point we will focus on closing down the business and taking care of goodness knows how much paperwork is required to end a business. We learned how to start one, now let’s learn how to end one! We of course will finish out baking all neighbor loaf orders that have been accepted. 


All of that said. We would love to pass on what we have started to someone else. Whether that means buying the business outright or just equipment piece by piece. We also know that the folks at Magpie would be happy to continue to share space with a bakery in the back kitchen. So if you know someone who may be interested in this do put them in touch with us for more details!


Thank you,

Matt and Natalie